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The Health Chat - Getting to Know Melrose Health with Nathan Cheong

October 08, 2022 Nathan Cheong and Vicky Tsoleridis Season 2 Episode 6
The Health Chat by Oborne Health Supplies
The Health Chat - Getting to Know Melrose Health with Nathan Cheong
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1. The Sacred Cow - Diana Rodgers & Robb Wolf
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2. The Biggest Little Farm
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Full Documentary available to view on Disney+. (At time of publication of this podcast)

3. The Carnivore Code - Paul Salandino MD
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4. Food Ladder
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In this month's episode of The Health Chat, Vicky Tsoleridis talks with Melrose CEO, Nathan Cheong.  You'll hear Nathan share his insights into the health food industry, focusing on Melrose hero products that have stayed true, since humble beginnings in the 1970's.  Nathan will also discuss exciting new products that are emerging from Melrose in the very near future.  Vicky asks Nathan his thoughts on the companies that are wholly founded on veganism and what this means to the health industry.  Plus, Nathan touches on the vegan diet, the need to question everything, especially understanding the actual impact (versus the perceived impact) humans and agriculture are having on our planet.  

Nathan Cheong is a  qualified Naturopath &  Herbalist, with Degrees in Science  and Social Work from the University of Sydney, as well as a degree in Human Health Science from the University of new England, and  with over 23 years’ experience within the Complementary Medicine Industry. His impressive career spans several organisations in the International field including Herbs of Gold, Blackmores BioCeuticals, The US Practitioner Brand Designs for Health, Life Space and is now CEO of the Melrose Group. Nathan has been instrumental in numerous transformative projects across the industry and steered each of these companies to become truly global leaders in their categories.

Nathan has a deep interest and understanding of regenerative and sustainable agriculture and is committed to promoting the benefits of both a Paleo and Keto lifestyle. With particular interest in human metabolic flexibility.

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