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The Health Chat - Getting To Know Weleda with David Johnston

September 01, 2022 Victoria Tsoleridis and David Johnston Season 2 Episode 5
The Health Chat by Oborne Health Supplies
The Health Chat - Getting To Know Weleda with David Johnston
Show Notes

This month, Victoria welcomes David Johnston to The Health Chat.  David has been the Managing Director of Weleda Australia for 14 years and has guided the business through significant growth. 

You'll hear David talk about the amazing 100 year history of Weleda, founded in 1921 by the Austrian philosopher and natural scientist, Rudolf Steiner, Dutch doctor Ita Wegman and Oskar Schmiedel, a chemist and pharmacist from Munich in Germany.  Though scientists, they believed in the human connection with nature, the responsibility we have to each other and to nature.  Anthroposophy explores these connections.  Weleda embraces the harmonious connection between people and plants which enables them to develop better natural products. David discusses how the anthroposophy of this brand has remained authentic in every product Weleda produces which links in wonderfully with Weleda's Save Earth's Skin campaign, focusing on soil, which, just like our skin, is a living, breathing eco-system. It is the living skin of our Earth. You'll hear some great insights into what we can do right now to help Save Earth's Skin - something we can all do to ensure a thriving ecosystem worldwide.  

Prior to Weleda David was the General Manager at Go Vita, where he expanded the group from 68 to over 127 health food stores. David started working in a Health Food shop back in the early 70’s and has managed many companies throughout the industry.  A typical day in David’s schedule starts with meditation, tai chi and a swim in the ocean. David believes “each day offers opportunities for us to enjoy and appreciate life to the full'.

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