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Embracing The Gift Of High Sensitivity with Mark Wells

April 25, 2022 Vicky interviews guest Mark Wells Season 2 Episode 2
The Health Chat by Oborne Health Supplies
Embracing The Gift Of High Sensitivity with Mark Wells
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This month on The Health Chat, Vicky talks with Educator, Author, Naturopath and Counsellor,  Mark Wells about his new book, Embracing the Gift of High Sensitivity. 

Mark discusses his book that is designed for highly sensitive persons (HSPs) and for those who wish to know more about this human trait.   Vicky asks Mark questions pertinent to non-HSP's, things like, how to identify an HSP, how to parent a highly sensitive child, warning signs to look for in a child and how different cultures around the world embrace HSPs.   HSP's compromise about a fifth of the human population, with equal gender representation, and many of them seek Traditional Medicine to help with their health.  This podcast and video is a must for practitioners and non-practitioners as it explores the great wonders of the HSPs and how to treat them effectively.  

Mark believes in assisting HSPs (adults and children) to live healthy and productive lives, while respecting and embracing their feelings and perceptions in everyday life.

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Book Details: Embracing the Gift of High Sensitivity

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What is a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)
Introverts, Extroverts and HSPs
Parenting a Highly Sensitive Child (HSC)
Similarities between children on the spectrum and HSC's
Physical manifestations of diseases in HSCs
Cultural Influences and differences in an HSP
Emotional Intelligence and HSP's
Addictions and addictive behaviours
Why do HSP's choose Traditional Medicines and what are your go-to remedies for these types of patients.